Location: London

Areas of expertise: Small Business, Mid Market, Enterprise, E-commerce

Racepoint Global is an integrated marketing communications agency that puts brands at the intersection of influence and action. Our powerful combination features the best in digital marketing, strategy, public relations and stakeholder communications. Our very own influencer marketing tool FieldFacts helps us target your message to the right people at the right time.

Racepoint Global has nine global offices located in key economic, business and revenue centres around the world; Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, Detroit, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Clients in technology, healthcare, life sciences, consumer, public policy and public affairs depend on Racepoint Global’s unique approach to impact key outcomes.
  • “Hiring Racepoint Global has allowed us to talk to the highest levels of opinion leaders and purchasers. We’ve been able to get our message and brand into places we hadn’t thought possible before. Racepoint is the best communications company I’ve come across, they understand our business and what communications support we need to grow in the markets we are targeting.”

    Ian Drew, Chairman, Tantalum | Recommended on 22nd September 2017
  • “Our Racepoint Global team is by far, one of the best I have ever encountered. They understand our business. They are professional. They attack every action with vigour and a strong sense of execution. And, they are never late with tasks. They are truly an incredible team of professionals that represent the industry finest.”

    Steve Harrington, VP Marketing, Extreme Networks | Recommended on 22nd September 2017